Major Robert F. Burns

90th Division, U.S. Army


War Letters from Europe

Normandy to Germany

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Abrams, Joe I.
A history of the 90th Division in World War II, 6 June 1944 to 9 May 1945
Nashville, TN: Battery Press, 1999 reprint of 1946 ed.  (89 pgs.)
Also available online at: 90th Division Association Library
Bryan, Charles B.
Battle History: Third Battalion, 358 Infantry
Plzen, Czechoslovakia: Printed by Nový Vsetisk, 1945.  (100 pgs.)
Also available online at: 90th Division Association Library
Bryan, Charles B.
Story of a citizen soldier in the U.S. Infantry, May 24th, 1940 to December 29, 1945
[Johns Island, SC]: C.B. Bryan, Sr., 1995  (144 pgs.)
Busterud, John A.
Below the salt: how the fighting 90th Division struck gold and art treasure in a salt mine
Philadelphia, PA: Xlibraris Corp., 2001  (250 pgs.)
Colby, John
War from the ground up: the 90th Division in WWII
Austin, TX: Nortex Press, 1991  (561 pgs.)

Everett, John I

90th Division in World War II: A Research Paper
Nacogdoches, TX: Steven F. Austin State University, July 18, 1949  (46 pgs.)
Gawne, Johathan
Finding your father's war: a practical guide to researching and understanding service in the World War II US Army
Philadelphia, PA: Casemate, 2006  (341 pgs.)
Kington, Donald M.
Forgotten summers: the story of the Citizens' Military Training Camps, 1921-1940
San Francisco, CA: Two Decades Publishing, 1995. (238 pgs.)
Levaufre, Henri
We were at Normandy
[Maywood, NJ: Chi Chi Press], 2008  (512 pgs.)
McManus, John C.
The Americans at Normandy
New York, NY: Forge Books, 2004  (496 pgs.)
United States Army. Infantry Regiment, 358th
Peragimus, "we accomplish": a brief history of the 358th Infantry
[Weiden: Ferdinand Nickl, 1945]
Also available online at: 90th Division Association Library
[Wernke, Ray J., author]  Margaret Darphin Mall, editor
Men of the fighting 90th: Commemorative history, 1918-1991
Dallas, TX: Taylor Publishing Co., 1990. (210 pgs.)
Wiegand, Brandon T.
Index to the General Orders of the 90th Infantry Division in World War II
Creighton, PA: D-Day Militaria, 2004
Wiley, Jerry
Captain Mac: War hero, my hero
Shell Knob, MO: J. Wiley, 2008  (410 pgs.)
Winebrenner, Hobert and Michael McCoy
Bootprints: An infantryman's walk through World War II
Albion, IN: Camp Comamajo Press, 2005   (308 pgs.)
Internet Resources

90th Division Association - The Official Web site of the Tough Ombres

This is a large site that contains all types of information on the 90th Division, both historical and current. Most notable is its Library that contains a number of Army sponsored books on various units of the 90th. These have been transcribed and can be read on the site. There are forums to both request and offer information on members of the 90th. The Association also holds reunions for those who served in the 90th or are related to someone who did. This site is a valuable resource.

90th Infantry Division Preservation Group

This site has much interesting material but it is somewhat buried. Under History and Research there is a list of all the command posts the Division as well as other interesting data. There are also a number of field manuals that describe the official functions of various units and personnel.
Association Normandy 44 - 90th U.S. Division
This is an interesting French site devoted to the 90th Division that can be viewed in English. A copy of the History of the 90th Division is available to read on this site.
Doubler, Captain Michael D. - Busting the bocage: American combined arms operations in France 6 June-31 July 1944. U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 1988. (PDF file)
This study provides a detailed explanation of the difficulties of fighting through the French hedgerows (bocage).
Lone Sentry
Lone Sentry provides information on many Army divisions and units. There is a short overview of the 90th Division's history in WWII as well as a readable text-only copy of the small Tough Ombres booklet published by Stars and Stripes after the war. There are also pages that list the Units that were part of the 90th Division, Medal of Honor recipients and a Division Commander list.
Steckla, Paul R. - The operations of the 3rd Battalion, 358 Infantry, 90th Infantry Division in the Battle of Foret de Mont Castre, France, 10-12 July 1944 (Normandy Campaign) (PDF file)
See pg. 14 for the mention of Capt. Burns' taking command of the forward elements in the Battle of the Foret de Mont Castre.
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