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358th Infantry Typed History

July 9, 1944
July 10, 1944
July 11, 1944
July 12, 1944
July 13, 1944
July 14, 1944
July 15, 1944
July 16, 1944
July 17, 1944
July 18, 1944
July 19, 1944
July 20, 1944
July 21, 1944
July 22, 1944
July 23, 1944
July 24, 1944
July 25, 1944
July 26, 1944
July 27, 1944
July 28, 1944
July 29, 1944
July 30, 1944
July 31, 1944

358th Infantry Typed History

July 9-July 31, 1944

15 July 1944

HISTORY - 358th Infantry

The 358th Infantry was now in the vicinity of the town of Gorges and was waiting for the official relief by the 357th Infantry at 150300 July. (per Div FO #14)

The Regimental Commander called his staff together and outlined plans for the Regiment. The S-4, Major Knouf, was directed to bring forward the kitchens and have hot meals for the men. Showers were obtained and plans were formulated so that every one could use them. New clothes (much needed) were requisitioned and obtained. Arrangements were made for ordnance inspections.

By 0200 the 3d Bn was "closed-in" in its assembly area, as was the AT Co. By 0220 the 357th Inf phoned to notify the CP that they had "assumed responsibility" for the area. At 0437 1st Bn had "closed-in". At 0740 the G-3 informed the Regt'l Cmdr that the 2d Bn was now released and under Regt'l control, and Major Wallace notified its Commander to move to the designated assembly area.

G-1 now informed the CP that replacements were obtained and would be sent out today. By 0950 the Cannon Co. had "closed in". At 1000 the Commanding General phoned Lt. Col. Clarke and directed that all wire be salvaged that could possibly be of use.

All units were briefed on the rehabituation plans and were urged to make plans to coincide with plans. General Williams was kept informed of our progress. A nearby stream was inspected and found to be "OK" for swimming and bathing. Physical inspections were also in order.

The regiment now had the positions of all its units and also dispositions and plans of adjacent friendly units.

At 1907 a new Regimental Commander, Col Conag was introduced to the Staff.

By 2040 a schedule was prepared for the Regiment pertaining to its coming activities and it was distributed throughout the Regiment.

By 2300 nearly every man had been outfitted with new, clean clothing and those who hadn't been would be in the morning.

And now a diversion - an enemy plane suddenly appearing "out of the blue" dropped a bomb in the vicinity of the CP - no damage.

Thus ended a busy, but happy day for the 358th Infantry.

16 July 1944

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