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War Letters from Europe

Normandy to Germany

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358th Infantry Typed History

July 9, 1944
July 10, 1944
July 11, 1944
July 12, 1944
July 13, 1944
July 14, 1944
July 15, 1944
July 16, 1944
July 17, 1944
July 18, 1944
July 19, 1944
July 20, 1944
July 21, 1944
July 22, 1944
July 23, 1944
July 24, 1944
July 25, 1944
July 26, 1944
July 27, 1944
July 28, 1944
July 29, 1944
July 30, 1944
July 31, 1944

358th Infantry Typed History

July 9-July 31, 1944

17 July 1944

HISTORY - 358th Infantry

The early morning hours were unusually quiet. Division was so informed hourly. A hot breakfast was served this day.

At approximately 0900 representatives of friendly units and our own Bns arrived to attend the Infantry-Tank demonstration. Capt Falvey ordered and prepared maps for distribution. Lt. Col. Seegar stated his Bazookas came defective and received permission to test some out. Col. Barth requested permission to have "live" ammo used in the demonstration.

One hundred replacements arrived at approximately 1400. A lt. Colonel from the HD Historical Section was escorted to the Foret de Mont Castre to look over the battlefield.

At 1230 Col. Conag was relieved of his Command and given a new assignment. Lt Col. Clarke was once again the Regimental Commander.

Two officers from Corps arrived and briefed the Staff on the "Big Picture" and on future operations.

At 1430 General Landrum arrived. At 1505 Col. Conag left the 358th Infantry Regiment. Major Wallace requested Division that the Regiment be issued good aerial photo maps of the future areas.

At 1900 - and it was MAJOR Falvey!

At 2045 Lt. Col. Bealke and Major Chandler, Bn CO's were ordered to report to Lt. Col. Clarke.

The Division FO #15 was received, which, excerpt, follows:

Hq 90th Inf Div
APO 90, U.S. Army
172000 July 1944

FO #15

3. a. 358th Infantry

Atchd: Co B and Assault Gun Plat, 712th Tk Bn
Co A 86th Cml Bn

Attacks 190530B in column of Bns to seize and hold Obj and contain the enemy on the Island E of Grid 30. The rear Bn will not be committed except on Division order.

Plans were now underway to formulate the Regimental Plan.

18 July 1944

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