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Normandy to Germany

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358th Infantry Typed History

July 9, 1944
July 10, 1944
July 11, 1944
July 12, 1944
July 13, 1944
July 14, 1944
July 15, 1944
July 16, 1944
July 17, 1944
July 18, 1944
July 19, 1944
July 20, 1944
July 21, 1944
July 22, 1944
July 23, 1944
July 24, 1944
July 25, 1944
July 26, 1944
July 27, 1944
July 28, 1944
July 29, 1944
July 30, 1944
July 31, 1944

358th Infantry Typed History

July 9-July 31, 1944

This document, found with the army records of Robert F. Burns, consists of 44 typed pages and 2 handwritten pages. At the top of most of the pages is the date, the word History and 358th Infantry. This history is a day-by-day and, in some cases, hour-by-hour account of 358th Infantry activities from July 9, 1944 through July 31, 1944. There is no indication who wrote or typed the document. The writing style is more informal than the published history of the 358th (Peragimus - A Brief History of the 358th Infantry Regiment) but it may have been one of the sources for the published history.

Some of the pages are very difficult to read and appear to be photocopies of carbon copies. In a few instances it appears that lines are missing at the top or bottom of the page, perhaps due to the use of larger paper photocopied onto standard letter size paper. Every effort has been made to transcribe the document as accurately as possible. The spelling of place names and individual names has been verified in other sources when it was possible to do so.

This document is particularly interesting because it covers the latter part of the Battle of the Foret de Mont Castre and ends with the Seves River Battle, two notable 358th Infantry actions. The additional detail provided in this document may prove useful to those interested in details of those battles. During this period, Capt. Robert F. Burns was 358th Infantry 3rd Battalion S-3 which probably explains why he had a copy of these pages.

First Page, July 9, 1944

Handwritten, July 16, 1944

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