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War Letters from Europe

Normandy to Germany

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Letters from France

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Letter from Belgium

February 7, 1945

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January 2, 1946

Letters from Belgium

January 14, 1946
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January 17, 1946 (2nd)

Letters from France

January 21, 1946
January 24, 1946

Regensburg, Germany

July 27, 1945

Dear Mom,

Here I sit a "paper rustler," the thing I have always tried to avoid. I wrote you some time ago that I probably would be transferred to a Category IV unit (scheduled for demobilization) and so I have been. I came here yesterday.

The set-up is good though still unfamiliar. I am in the G-3 section still, but am at present and probably for some time will be in the "Administrative and Publications" subsection. They are official keepers of the dots and dashes whose job is to see that all members of the staff spell right and put commas in the right places in their little creative outbursts. My main reason for being here is that everything going in or out passes through here and in time I will be automatically familiarized with the set-up. At present there is not a great deal to do and I look forward to being bored to death.

The office set-up is as good or better than I had at Division. We live downtown, however, and commute by bus. Since they run frequently from the hotel to here that's not too bad. As a matter of fact, it's about a two mile walk and I figure on walking home at night to get some exercise and stop this swelling of the midriff. I'm beginning to look six months pregnant. Witness the enclosed photo. I am not established at the hotel as the room I am to have is still being painted. However, it looks pretty good. The hotel is fair, a kind of rococo affair with plaster like sugar icing all over the walls and ceiling. Meals are pretty good; hence the walks.

Sure hated to leave the Division but personnel are leaving so fast that soon I'll know nobody there.

Oddly enough, now that I am even further removed from fighting troops I am back in the Inf. as only the G3 and his Lt. Col. assistant are in GSC. Everyone else stays in his basic branch. This is about the same as I was doing before only more specialized and less of it.

Corps at present is slated to sail home next Feb. However, I'm still working on this business of going to school over here. These overseas discharges are hitting some snags, mostly from the foreign Governments involved. I'm working now on a new angle whereby I'll remain in the Army while I study. More on this later after I get the straight story. If it works I'll be assured of eating regularly anyway.

A week ago Sunday we had the Jack Benny show at Weiden. It was excellent, and we held it out-doors so everyone could attend. Larry Adler, Martha Tilton and Ingrid Bergman were along and put on an excellent performance.

The group stopped by our Officer's Club for a few minutes before going on to the next place. On the stage Benny has lots of fire as a comedian, but off-stage he's just a tired old man. Ingrid Bergman was the greatest surprise. She is very tall, which I never realized, and the realest movie person I've met. She wore almost no make up - just the barest touch of lip stick, nothing more. She had on a very simple pinafore dress and talks without pretense in a rapidly vanishing accent. She's so extremely genuine as to be very beautiful.

Looks as if I'll have plenty of time, so I'll write again later.



My new address

Major Robert F. Burns, 8384203
XII Corps G-3 Sec. APO 312
c/o Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

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