Major Robert F. Burns

90th Division, U.S. Army


War Letters from Europe

Normandy to Germany

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Letters from France

June 22, 1944
June 29, 1944
June 29, 1944 (2nd)
July 6, 1944
July 17, 1944
August 10, 1944
August 14, 1944
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September 3, 1944
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September 14, 1944
September 16, 1944
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September 17, 1944
September 28, 1944
October 2, 1944
October 14, 1944
October 22, 1944
November 2, 1944
November 12, 1944
November 24, 1944
December 2, 1944
December 27, 1944

Letters from Luxembourg

January 9, 1945
January 16, 1945
January 20, 1945

Letter from Belgium

February 7, 1945

Letters from Germany

February 9, 1945
February 21, 1945
February 23, 1945
February 26, 1945
April 5, 1945
May 5, 1945

Letters from Czechoslovakia

May 10, 1945
May 16, 1945

Letters from Germany

May 19, 1945
May 20, 1945
May 24, 1945
June 3, 1945
June 22, 1945

Letters from France

June 30, 1945
July 3, 1945

Letters from Germany

July 14, 1945
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Letters from France

August 26, 1945
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Letters from Germany

September 9, 1945
September 11, 1945
September 13, 1945
September 15, 1945
September 17, 1945
September 23, 1945
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October 1, 1945
October 9, 1945

Letters from France

October 13, 1945
October 15, 1945
October 22, 1945
November 5, 1945
November 17, 1945
November 17, 1945 (2nd)
November 23, 1945
November 30, 1945
December 17, 1945
December 17, 1945 (2nd)
December 18, 1945
December 26, 1945
January 2, 1946

Letters from Belgium

January 14, 1946
January 15, 1946
January 17, 1946
January 17, 1946 (2nd)

Letters from France

January 21, 1946
January 24, 1946

Weiden, Germany

June 22, 1945

Dear Mom,

This was a big mail day. Your letters of 13 and 15 June both came today along with a roll of 35mm film and a roll of 120 film with three empty cartridges for the small camera. I got two other rolls of 35mm film the other day and Marn's letter. Thanks for all of them. They certainly made excellent time.

We are in our permanent place now. That is to say it is as permanent as it will be while we are here. We are not occupation troops as such but will be here for several months probably. At that time one of several possibilities may occur: we can move straight to CBI or move via the U.S. or remain in the U.S. in strategic reserve. Nobody knows. The only sure thing is that we won't remain here and that it will be several months before we go anywhere. We have a nice set-up. Our buildings are permanent construction and have all been freshly painted inside. We have a beautiful large officer's club which was formerly the German Officers Club who lived at this post. The enlisted men also have a large club, but I haven't been in it. We made a theatre out of a large garage. Last Saturday we had a band concert there by Ray McKinley's band, which is the one Glenn Miller had. It is certainly a wonderful organization - simply bursting with top-notch performers.

We get ice cream made locally about once a week and have beer regularly. It's much more like our beer.

We even had two Coca-Colas not long back! It was bottled back at Koblentz or some such place. It was the first cokes I've had since I left the states. Just like always. Sure were good.

I live in a five-room apartment with another major. At present he is away and I am rattling around like a wad of paper in an empty waste basket. We haven't much furniture and no rugs - they're scarce as hen's teeth. But I've got a bed to sleep in and just got some sheets. Not the best, but OK, and I have a place to hang my clothes and a comfortable chair to sit in and a table to write on. Best of all I have a bathroom complete with tub and gas hot water heater that is dandy. Just turn on the water and the gas pops on and heats it as it runs out. I also have a gas or electric stove - I think the latter, but I don't use it. Have electric lights and was fortunate enough to inherit some curtains and drapes.

The really big news, however, is that I am going to the Riviera for a week's vacation. I go to Munich tomorrow by motor and take a plane from there. I will be at the Riviera seven days, exclusive of travel time. Col. Booth came back last week end, which is what allows me to go. He was with Gen. Earnest when they were in Chicago but they flew in and flew right out again after making their appearance. They traveled about a week with Gen. Clark and then got two weeks at home. He (Col. Booth) lives in Oregon. Talk about travel. They left Washington Saturday morning after breakfast and were here in Weiden for supper Sunday night! They made one stop en route to Paris and Col. Booth said the Captain was mad that he hadn't taken enough gas to fly non-stop to Paris!

I have a little more information on overseas discharge, but it still looks a little complicated for an officer. The theatre eligibility score has been set at 85 points for officers but that doesn't mean too much. I have 95 points and will have 105 when we get two battle stars that are pending.

They are supposed to announce soon some Government jobs open over here. I am not too interested, but if I do get discharged it may be a means for getting something to eat! The food situation is the only one that bothers me. Outside the Army it's not too good. However, if you do take one of these Govt. jobs, when it folds up, the Govt. pays your transportation home. So I'll keep an eye on that business and we'll see what we will see.

In case you're wondering, I haven't written for several weeks so you're not missing any letters. With Col. Booth away and the other General in charge, I had my hands full.

In answer to Marn's question, I can't handle a 50 ft. or 100 ft. roll of film now. Perhaps later but for the present I am set. Don't worry too much about the 120. It's not that urgent. There is still some German 120 floating around and I may be able to get a roll or two.

I've never changed the allotment from $175. I rather imagine what I've made over and above will be expended on my trip. Haven't had much other chance to spend it.



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